Are divorce and death really comparable?

Are divorce and death really comparable?

Feb 15

In an interesting blog published in the Huffington Post, D.A. Wolf explored the possibility of comparing divorce and death: how similar (and dissimilar) they are with each other, how one thing could be more impactful than the other. Although we might have different takes on which one is worse, one thing is crystal-clear: both divorce and death are life-changing. Unless you don’t prepare yourself and your family for these uninviting possibilities, chances are you will definitely be caught off-guard.

According to the website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, it can be difficult for a divorcing couple to end a marriage. Divorce is not just an emotionally-charged experience for adult couples; this process can be difficult for the children, too. A joint physical and legal custody, for instance, could be hard for children who will need to be shuffled between two parents in certain times of the week. Deciding who will pay who and how much is another legal struggle that can definitely be arduous for the couple. And so, having the best professionals on your side to help you decide on matters surrounding your divorce can be a great help in somehow alleviating these challenges.

Although both death and divorce cause despair and uncertainty, death in the family generally is worse than losing a marriage. But just like a divorce, legal disputes arising from a family member’s death can make things even worse. According to the website of Arenson Law Group, PC, failing to plan for your estate makes your family more vulnerable to estate disputes and conflicts.

No matter how unappealing divorce and death are, they are possible. And when they hit, they could hit tremendously hard. In times of emotionally-charged challenges such as these, it is important to maintain a mindset that’s positive and forward-looking. You should also be open to seek help and support from friends, family, and professionals if you need to.

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