Top two acne myths worth busting

Top two acne myths worth busting

Feb 13

Who wouldn’t want to have clear, pimple-free skin? Not me! That’s the reason why some people are so engrossed in knowing what works best for their skin. But in this day and age where everything can be looked up in the Internet, we pretty much don’t have many solid ways in checking how honest online “facts” really are. Unfortunately, getting the wrong information online is not only a waste of time (and money, if it required you to buy anything); it can also make your acne worse. Not only that, it may even be dangerous.

People at a Des Moines med spa may explain that taking care of your skin is vital, and you should know these top two acne myths worth busting:

Acne myth no. 1: Washing your face as often as you can is the best way to keep zits away

While it is true that acne can be a result of pimple-causing bacteria that thrive on the surface of your skin, washing it too much could cause your skin to be dry. This would cause your sebaceous gland to produce more sebum to waterproof and lubricate your skin. When your skin produces more oil than it normally would, you are increasing the chance of sebum getting stuck into your pores. A blocked pore is where dead skin, sebum, and oil may accumulate, which may all cause pimple.

Acne myth no. 2: There are no connections between diet and acne

According to, this blemished notion of diet-acne disconnection was a result of two known studies conducted during the 60s and the 70s. In recent studies, however, scientists have found that people with bad eating habits are more prone to acne problems. Those who are at higher risk of acne are those who eat more dairy products and unhealthy fats. On the other hand, those who consume fiber-rich foods and healthy fats are at less risk of acne.